Inquiry & Project Based Learning

Over the past year we have been implementing inquiry projects. In this example we showed the students a YouTube video on how to create a hologram with your iPhone and ask the students to create the biggest, best hologram that they could in multi-aged groups. What unfolded before us was beyond our expectations! Students came alive and were sourcing out templates and information off the internet. Holograms began to pop up all around the room and the energy level in the class began to explode!

It was the next sequence of events that truly inspired our passion in inquiry! Students then began to go beyond a simple template hologram. They started to invent new templates (and realized that Math played a large role in proportion). Trigonometry ratios were being discussed and protractors were being used to measure angles. The history behind holograms was being sourced out and all of this learning was being documented with pictures and video recordings. It was such an amazing day filled with excitement around learning. What made us sad was it was a one-off day and we wanted to continue this project over the course of a week! It was this moment that has defined how we will teach in the future! We are happy to announce that inquiry based projects and learning will make up our afternoons. We have many exciting projects in store for you!

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